[ntp:questions] Is there a conflict between ntpdate and ntpd?

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Mon Dec 25 17:10:03 UTC 2006

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>Thank you, Steve !
>After watch, I find, in most of time, the NTP server could be selected
>and synchronized by ntpd. But the selected NTP Server was changed
>frequently from the first to fourth.

All servers are used, the "selected" server is just that whose time
was closest to the last time computed by ntpd. 

>>From your said, I guess it was affected by the ntpdate.

The former use of ntpdate at startup can be replaced by using the ntpd
-g flag to perform a step at ntpd startup. 

>Is there other possibility that it's due to my quartz clock is too

ntpd would show other messages. 

>And in the drift file, it shows 209.081.
>>From the /var/log/messages file, the ntpd do not show any additional
>output after startup.

That means it's working okay. 

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