[ntp:questions] Anything wierd going to happen with earlier DST date?

David Woolley david at djwhome.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 29 10:03:38 UTC 2006

In article <Bqidnbv1zIQRBgnYnZ2dnUVZ_v3inZ2d at comcast.com>,
tomnykds at comcast.net wrote:

> and don't understand what the deal is.  Is there anything from
> and ntp perspective to be done to get the DST change this
> year verses last?  I've been off news for several months and 

As already noted, NTP has no concept of daylight saving time, and is
completely unaffected, however, if any applications work in US local time,
you will need to change the timezone rules in your operating system.
Details of this depend on the OS, for example there was an optional
update, last Microsoft Tuesday, for Windows XP.

Most open source Unix-like systems use the Olsen time zone package,
and you will need to update that if you use it.  Some versions of Unix
still require one to explicitly specify the rules in the TZ environment
variable (e.g. SCO Open Server), in which case you may need to update
an appropriate file, typically in /etc, and reboot.  Some, very old,
Unix systems have the rules embedded in the library binary, in which case
you would need to replace the library.  I'm not sure that such versions
coped with the last change, for the US, though, and they never coped
with the rest of the world.

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