[ntp:questions] Re: tos orphan and poll frequencies

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon May 8 04:07:56 UTC 2006


It was the intent to let the poll intervals stabilize in the ordinary 
way; which means the poll interval follows the clock discipline time 
constant. That could be different in different machines and the actual 
poll intervals may depend on the subnet topology.

My test configuration is two primary servers and two secondary servers 
chiming goth of them in client/server mode and with each other in 
symmetric active mode. The secondary servers are on an Ethernet, each 
operating as both broadcast server and broadcast client. Three other 
machines are on the Ethernet, each operating as both broadcast server 
and client. All except the primary servers hav tos orphan 5.

Bring it up in the ordinary way and pull the plug at the primary 
servers. Watch the fun. Reconnect the primary servers and verify things 
return to normal.


Lindholm Roger wrote:
> Hello,
> Anyone who knows if setting "tos orphan x" in any way changes poll frequencies (iburst, minpoll, maxpoll etc.) or does it only affect the stratum and selection algorithms? 
> If anyone has experience from using orphan mode on a grander scale I would be interested to hear about stability issues, some best practices (if any) what to do and not to do.
> Best regards
> // Roger
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