[ntp:questions] Re: Solairs 8 xntpd client oscillates

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon May 8 20:45:29 UTC 2006

Joachim Schrod wrote:
> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> Sun's xntpd is about ten years behind the times.  Download the current 
>> production version of the NTP distribution from 
>> http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Main/SoftwareDownloads
> I tried to avoid that because it would place ntpd outside the normal 
> patch process. Therefore I googled before I posted and checked if I 
> could find known problems with Sun's xntpd. I didn't found any 
> mentioning of an oscillation problem.
> It was just mentioned that Solaris 8 always slews the clock and "disable 
> pll" was recommended. (That did not help, as mentioned.) As far as I 
> understand, the behaviour at my system might be due to a too large 
> frequency error. Would the update to a current ntp version really help 
> in that case?
> Cheers,
>     Joachim

Upgrading to the current version of ntpd might not solve your problem. 
OTOH, we can't really support Sun's ten year old software here.

I would suggest that you download the current version, build it, and 
install it in /opt/local.  That will leave Suns version intact and, in 
the unlikely event that Sun issues a patch for their version, you will 
be able to apply it with no difficulty.  Copy /etc/init.d/xntpd to 
/etc/init.d/xntpd.original and then edt /etc/init.d/xntpd to use the 
version in /opt/local.

Alternatively, you could ask Sun for support (and pay for it).

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