[ntp:questions] ntp-dev-4.2.1p250-RC won't build on FreeBSD 6.0

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Tue May 9 18:49:56 UTC 2006

John Kline wrote:
> ntp-dev-4.2.1p250-RC
> It seems ntpd_intres.c in this RC needs EAI_NODATA to be defined.  It
> should be IFDEF'd like it is in ntpdc.c and ntpq.c.
> Bug #611 is filed.

There was a bug report #438 on exactly the same issue but this is a
situation where it just got reintroduced. #ifdef is probably the best
solution here. I was just reading RFC 3493 which is informational and it
doesn't even mention EAI_NODATA.


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