[ntp:questions] My Setup..

Ted Gervais ve1drg at av.eastlink.ca
Wed May 10 13:17:21 UTC 2006

Wondering if someone couldcomment on the result of my 'ntpq -p' query.
I need to know ifI am gettingclose to a reasonable setup and am wondering
among otherthings  if thereshould be more '*' lines or willthere only ever 
be one '*' line and the rest would be '+' lines???

Does this make any sense?

I have both '*', '+' and '-' lines.  I believe the '*' line is for 
actually being connected to a server, and I think the '+' means something 
like  it can be reached but is waiting its turn to interact with my 
system.  And finally I believe the '-' lines mean that those servers can't 
be reached???

Is any of this right??

Ted Gervais
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
Canada. (ve1drg)

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