[ntp:questions] Re: Problems with the Timezone

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed May 10 17:50:52 UTC 2006

Marvin Garcia wrote:

> Thanks Martin, see the lines bellow
> root at snbntp0201 # echo $TZ
> GMT-4
> root at snbntp0201 # date; date -u
> Wed May 10 19:35:04 GMT 2006
> Wed May 10 15:35:04 GMT 2006
> What i mean is that instead of subtract 4 it sum 4 to the GMT ... Do
> you see the diferences?
> I think this is ilogical or am i doing something wrong?

GMT-4 is, I believe, the NAME of a time zone.  I have no idea how the 
name was arrived at but it has nothing to do with subtracting 4 from GMT 
to get local time.

I think what you really want for your timeline is "US/Eastern".  That 
will give you minus 4 while daylight savings time is in effect a nd 
minus 5 when we return to standard time.

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