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Wed May 17 19:03:21 UTC 2006


Your first scattergram shows a tail extending downward to the left. That 
happens when there is a significant freqency error at the server or 
client and generally damps out once the critters have stabilized. In the 
first and second scattergrams there is evidence of a 30-ms delay in both 
directions at least some of the time. The darker upper limb of both 
grams show a highly unsymmetric traffic. Fix that with the huffpuff 
option. The blunt nose in both grams is due to jitter.


Karel Sandler wrote:

> Hello,
> to better know the network quality between my S2 and its peers, the wedge 
> scattergrams were used. That strange one has the upper limb prolonged down 
> to the left side of the head. Only few samples (status 9314) are located 
> there but their existence is beyond all my understanding.
> Hope my S2 works well, only one plot (one peer from seven) shows up that 
> feature - lx.ujf.cas.cz/ntp-lx/antitail.png .
> --
> K. Sandler 

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