[ntp:questions] Re: TIMEZONE

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed May 17 19:19:01 UTC 2006

Marvin Garcia wrote:
> I'm sorry I know this isnt about ntp, but i need your help. The
> cuestion is:
> When i change the TZ variable in unix in /etc/TIMEZONE, it just see the
> effect when i reboot the system. Is there another way that unix/solaris
> take the change in the TZ variable without restarting the system?

The local time displayed is determined on a per process basis by the 
value of the TZ environment variable for that process.

$ TZ="US/Eastern"; export TZ

Normally each process takes the default in /etc/TIMEZONE but each user 
is at liberty to set his own.  This is a necessary feature since a 
system might have users in several different time zones!!

If you reset the TZ variable for each process you care about, you will 
not need to reboot.

ISTR that you are located in the Dominican Republic.   Since you don't 
use daylight time, you should not need to change the time zone once it 
is correctly set.

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