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Further to my previous, the core issue is a PCI driver that maps the 
device registers where the NTP driver can find them. Once that is 
available, the NTP driver code is a 15-minute exercise with 
sscanf/springf as you can see in the KSI code. So, what does Symmetricom 
have as PCI driver? Surely they have one for Linux.


David L. Mills wrote:

> Greg,
> True, we have tried to throttle back new drivers in favor of 
> generalizing existing ones. However, the KSI/Odetics driver is very 
> similar to the ex-TrueTime 560, which in turn is very similar to the 
> ex-Bancomm bc635/7. The KSI is certainly toast, as is the old Sun SBus, 
> so can be deprecated. So far as I know, the 560 was discontinued when 
> Symmetricom ate TrueTime, but there are a few 560s still around (I have 
> one). Best choice would be a driver that supports both the 560 and 
> 635/7. If sufficient steam is not available to support the 560, send us 
> a 635/7 driver to replace the KSI driver.
> Dave
> Greg Dowd wrote:
>> There have been a few implementations of a refclock driver for the 
>> bc635/637PCI cards. (-U indicates universal signaling for pci, 635 is 
>> the base model type and 637 indicates gps version).  There has also 
>> been a strong pushback for years now against allowing a new driver 
>> into the distribution.  To be honest, I'm not sure what's out there 
>> now but I don't see one in the list.  Having said that, if you don't 
>> hear otherwise, I'll make you one but I don't know if it will be 
>> maintained in the ntp distro.
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>> We have a system for Linux that need precise time for time stamping 
>> application.
>> The bc635PCI-U (or bc637PCI-U) card have a driver package for Linux 
>> that contains a kernel driver which allows the board to be used as a 
>> reference time source for the NTP daemon? This turns the computer nto 
>> a NTP time server which can also provide accurate time to other NTP 
>> clients on the network.
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