[ntp:questions] Re: Box not synchronizing

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu May 25 00:08:28 UTC 2006

JCA wrote:
>   I have three Linux boxes, namely, A, B, and C, in my LAN. I use C
> as the NTP server for my LAN. C, in turn, gets its synchronization
> from some external NTP server.
>  Both A and B use the same (very simple) ntp.conf configuration file:
> server     # local clock
> fudge stratum 10
> server    # IP address of C in my LAN
> driftfile /etc/ntp/drift
> multicastclient                 # listen on default
> broadcastdelay  0.008
>   The problem is that while A gets its synchronization from C all
> right, B does not. In A, the ouput from

I'd simplify that config file:
server    # IP address of C in my LAN
driftfile /etc/ntp/drift

If that doesn't work, come back and complain!

If it does work (and it should), add the rest back, one statement at a 
time, until it breaks.

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