[ntp:questions] ntpd and uClibc with PPS

Niall Parker stuff at pender.dnsalias.net
Thu May 25 22:26:37 UTC 2006

I'm having a lot of trouble getting ntpd to see the PPS signal when
using uClibc instead of glibc6. When using linux kernel 2.4.32 with PPS
kit 2.1.6 patches applied (no others) and ntpd-4.2.0a-20060224 compiled
with the default tools/libs, the PPS signal is recognized and synched
to once the prefer refclock (GPS NMEA) is selected, all is good ...

When using the same code compiled and linked to uClibc-0.9.27, the PPS
signal is never seen (reachability 0), even nothing hardware, kernel or
othewise has changed. ntpd seems to perform fine otherwise but it'd be
nice to get the PPS working, and once I can get it working with uClibc
I can move back to intended embedded target.

Any ideas ? Has anyone else got PPS + ntpd + uClibc working ?

                                                      ... Niall

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