[ntp:questions] Passive client?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri May 26 02:47:03 UTC 2006

Collins wrote:
> I have been reading the ntpd man pages and other documentation at the
> iesc but I have yet to find an explicit answer to the following
> question.
> Is it possible to configure a client so that it never attempts any
> communication with a server but simply monitors a multicast group for
> updates?  If so how?

With broadcastclient you can specify novolley but I don't think that's
available for multicastclient unless it's undocumented. You'd also need
to disable authentication. This also has a disadvantage of not giving
you any information on round trip time, though that should be small on a

> A possibly related question: what is the behavior of ntpd if it is
> started with a configuration file which specifies no servers?

Nothing. It won't do anything since it has nothing to work with. It will
sit there listening for packets and never send any out itself. Why are
you asking?

>   Thanks in advance
>     Collins
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