[ntp:questions] Re: NTP Stats within norm?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun May 28 18:04:25 UTC 2006

Scott L. Glidden wrote:
> Picked up a GPS receiver. Once I have the Fudge factor set, I will cut-over 
> to stratum 2's. I am using some of the 1's for determining what my fudge 
> factor needs to be...
> One question though, would it help the Stratum 2's if I connected in PEER 
> mode, or is this not recommended?
> Thanks for everyone's patience in helping me through this!

Err. . . .  What sort of a "fudge factor" are you talking about?

If you have a GPS receiver, you will probably get better time from it 
than you can get over the internet.   If you have a receiver designed 
for timing service, there should be no question about it.  But even a 
receiver designed for navigation might still deliver better time than 
the internet.

Your GPS receiver will make your server Stratum 1.  Other stratum 1 
servers may wish to peer with you; this is something you should discuss 
with the owners thereof.  Your chances of finding someone to peer with 
are better if: you have a reliable environment; e.g. you don't reboot 
randomly, you don't succumb to power failures unless they are of 
extended duration, your network connection is 24x7 and maybe you have 
redundant network connections.  A static IP address is pretty much a 
requirement.  I'd say that a GPS receiver designed for timing service is 
probably also a requirement.

People who operate stratum 1 servers may be hobbyists such as I, but 
it's more likely that they have compelling business requirements for 
accurate and reliable time.

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