[ntp:questions] NTP to sync clocks on an Isolated Local Network (UTC not relevant)

duncan.perrett at elekta.com duncan.perrett at elekta.com
Fri Sep 1 12:04:49 UTC 2006


I would like people to comment on my proposed NTP set-up.  Are the
ntp.conf files correct?

My requirement is to synchronise several linux (ubuntu) boxes that are
connected together but not to the wider internet.  I am ONLY interested
in synchronisation and NOT the accuracy of the network time relative to

Assuming all the linux boxes are identical, I just pick one box's Local
clock to be the master clock.

I use NTP in the Undisciplined Local Clock mode with the chosen linux
box acting as a server broadcasting it's Local clock's time.  The other
boxes act as clients in broadcastclient mode.

My server ntp.conf will NOT mention a driftfile as it would be
irrelevant (?).
Is the client's ntp.conf line - "disable auth" necessary?
Any errors/omissions?

server's ntp.conf file :-
server prefer          # use the local system clock as the
reference clock
fudge stratum 10  # 10 seems to be a standard choice for
this but I think it is
                                             # irrelevant on an
isolated network (?)
broadcast      # broadcast time to local subnet

clients' ntp.conf files :-
disable auth                            # is this correct ?

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