[ntp:questions] Re: uk pool problem

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Sep 3 02:03:48 UTC 2006

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> I *think* this will be handled by the upcoming config file rewrite code.

Actually, no it won't. This requires changing the internals of ntpd and
not the config file rewrite.


> That should appear in ntp-dev in a month or so (just after 4.2.4 is out).
> H
> --
>>>> In article <1157168655.826350.117260 at m73g2000cwd.googlegroups.com>, "Eugen COCA" <ecoca at eed.usv.ro> writes:
> Eugen> I think there where opinions redarding this "bug" on this group, but
> Eugen> I'll repeat: it will be very useful for the ntpd to try to reload the
> Eugen> conf file from time to time and try to connect to servers listed
> Eugen> there.  Now, when ntpd starts, it will try to connect to the servers
> Eugen> listed, in the order of their appearance in the ntp.conf file. If one
> Eugen> server fail to respond it will be eliminated for further checks. This
> Eugen> will be very usefull as on some systems (mostly on Windows machines).

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