[ntp:questions] Re: uk pool problem

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.isc.org
Sun Sep 3 21:55:08 UTC 2006

>>> In article <edfd39$m0a$1 at hedeland.org>, per at hedeland.org (Per Hedeland) writes:

Per> In article <ywn9r6ythfgj.fsf at ntp1.isc.org> Harlan Stenn
Per> <stenn at ntp.isc.org> writes:
>>  The last time I checked, both ntpdate and sntp will believe the first
>> answer they get back.  I bet this is not *strictly* true, but I recall it
>> was good enough.

Per> Well, either you never checked ntpdate, or you have forgotten what you
Per> found.

I have years like that.

Per> Sntp on the other hand does indeed seem to do just that, which makes it
Per> basically useless in my opinion. And if you give it multiple servers to
Per> query, where the first one happens not to respond, it will stupidly
Per> keep on trying it 5 times and then give up, without ever attempting the
Per> others - worse than useless. (This was tested with 4.2.2p4-RC2.)

This is a bug - please open an issue on this.


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