[ntp:questions] Re: Why not use timeEndPeriod?

YOYO yyang at psh.com.cn
Mon Sep 4 10:54:23 UTC 2006

Hi Martin Burnicki

Thank you very much and i really appreciate it.
Could you please issue a bugzilla on this ? Thanks a lot.

Danny :
Thank you for your advice, I began with NTP from ntpdate
so i was used to find something in ntpdate. Now I'll try to 
use ntpd instead...


> You're right, timeEndPeriod should be called when an application shuts down
> which has called timeBeginPeriod at startup.
> For ntpd I've submitted a patch which calls these functions properly to set
> the Windows multimedia timer optionally to highest resolution while ntpd is
> active. This is in order to avoid time steps which are introduced if
> another application which uses the MM timer is started or stopped.
> However, in case of ntpdate using the MM timer does not make sense anyway,
> IMHO, so we should remove the timeBeginPeriod call, or add the missing
> timeEndPeriod call. Some cleanup is required, anyway. If you agree I'll
> open a bugzilla issue on this.
> Martin
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