[ntp:questions] NTP: time not synchronized

pasdepoil pasdepoil at hotmail.fr
Mon Sep 4 15:17:45 UTC 2006


We have a system working only in a LAN. We install ntp on each machine
(windows 2000). We choose one of them to be the time server, and then
we configure all others machines to synchronize on this time server.
We put the same ntp.conf on every machine, but some of them are not
When I used monitor ntp, we can see that these machines have between 23
secondes and 150 secondes of offset.
I would like to know if the problem that I have is due to the big time
difference between machines ?
And How can I resolve the problem ?

I tried to delete the drift file, but the problem steel happen.

If anyoine have an idea, or need more details....


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