[ntp:questions] Re: Issues w/ 4.2.0a, multicast, and porting 4.2.2 to Fedora Core

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.isc.org
Wed Sep 6 20:19:12 UTC 2006

>>> In article <44FEF02A.6070908 at redfish-solutions.com>, philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com (Philip Prindeville) writes:

H> We have made changes to the interface code since 4.2.2 - I recommend you
H> get the latest ntp-dev tarball and start with it.  Please note that we
H> are about to start the countdown to the 4.2.4 release and I would very
H> much like to have a resolution to the issues you are seeing ASAP.  If it
H> doesn't happen in time for 4.2.4, I am planning to have the next release
H> of NTP appear 6-8 months after 4.2.2.

D> Multicast works fine in 4.2.2. The changes to the interface code should
D> not affect this. If it did, it would be a bug.

Philip> What would I need to do to document if it is a bug?  What would the
Philip> smoking gun be?

I suspect if you see unexpected/unwelcome behavior you can call that a bug
and document it to the best of your ability.  The better the documentation,
the easier it will be to find the root cause.

Philip> I've got 4.2.2p3 building, but with some funky patches rolled over
Philip> from the FC5 distro of 4.2.0a.  I'm not sure what is necessary...

Me either, and it would be far better if these problems were reported to us,
or if they picked up a 4.2.2 release and decided what patches are still

Philip> and the weak type checking of K&R C lets you do some braindead
Philip> things without any warnings.

Yes, which is why we enable a bunch of different warnings when we detect we
are building with gcc.

Feel free to edit any of:

- configure.ac
- configure
- config.status
- any Makefile

to include whatever warnings you want for your compiler.

I am also happy to consider adding different warning options based on the
detectable version of the compiler we are using.

Philip> I'll try building it without those patches and see if it makes any
Philip> difference.

Sounds good - if they are really fixing problems I would like to know what
they are.


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