[ntp:questions] Re: NTP: time not synchronized

pdp pasdepoil at hotmail.fr
Thu Sep 7 09:14:24 UTC 2006

Hello all

I launched the ntptrace command on 2 machines (one good, an one
This is the result:

Mahcine OK: ntptrace
03a.ccadomain.com: stratum 2, offset 0.009380, synch distance 0.03424
01s.ccadomain.com: startum 1, offset 1.157466, synch distance 0.01157,
refid 'LCL'

machine failed:ntptrace
01b.ccadomain.com: stratum 16, offset 0.001308, synch distance 0.01654
01b.ccadomain.com:     *Not Synchronized*

I don't understand why for the failed one, it does not show the good
time server name ?
And why the stratum is 16 ?


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