[ntp:questions] Re: recvfrom( fd=51: Connection refused

Luc Pardon xntp at skopos.be
Tue Sep 12 08:39:02 UTC 2006

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> I'm not sure if multiple -I flags work or not.  I know the command line
> supports it, but I'm not sure if the underlying code does the right
> thing or not.

     The current code seems to have only one variable (grep 
specific_interface ntpd/*.c). In case of multiple -I flags it will 
retain only one (most likely the last).

     For this box, one -I is fine with me. For others, that might be a 

     In any case, it looks like it will always listen on and 
on the wildcard interface, there is no way to disable those.

>>     I didn't want to report it, for several reasons. One is that I 
>> wanted that "connection refused" strangeness out of the way ASAP. 
>> Another one is I'm not even sure that this -I stuff is supposed to work 
>> already - after all I pulled it out of dev.
> If it is in -dev it will soon be in -stable.

     Sure, but it might still be "work in progress". It seems so basic 
that, if the problem is real, anybody who tried -I must have seen it, 
including the developer(s). Usually that is an indication that the 
problem is at this end. I would want to rule that out before wasting 
people's time. Developers should develop sp we get new things to whine 
about <g>.

> If you see what you think is a problem, please report it.
> H

    Will do, but at this point I'm not sure it's even an ntpd problem, 
see above. Also, it might even be "working as designed", if the 
intention is to use it only with a local time source attached.

    Do you know if the -I switch is documented somewhere?


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