[ntp:questions] Re: limitation on the client time/date at ntp startup

David Woolley david at djwhome.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 12 09:12:56 UTC 2006

In article <ee4bjv$n6r$1 at scrotar.nss.udel.edu>,
"user at domain.invalid" (suspected to be Dave Mills) wrote:

> I have no idea whatsoever what you are talking about. If you need to 

I have no idea which point you are responding to, as you have used
a pure top post.

> test whether the clock state machine correctly responds to large time 
> offsets, then my suggested scheme is exactly what you need. I have 

No.  What people actually want to do is to create an acceptance test
plan that will be understood by someone who doesn't understand what ntpd
really does, and, quite possibly, to do so when they don't understand
it themselves.

This might be a formal acceptance test plan, or it might be an informal
one in which they demonstrate, to senior management, that ntpd can correct
time errors.

Testing the specific step response behaviour in these cases assumes a
much higher level of technical knowledge than the questions generally

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