[ntp:questions] Re: Regular 16ms jump of NTP on Windows XP SP2

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Tue Sep 12 14:51:09 UTC 2006


Bert Gøtterup Petersen wrote:
> Martin,
> I am sad to have to report to you, that the 'old' fluxcap version also has
> this problem.
> Any idears for even older version I could try, or suggestions to where to
> look for the cause.

Both the fluxcap version and the xmas version can modify the multimedia
timer, if the -M option is given on the command line. Is this the case in
your environment? You can check this using the service control manager, the
-M option should be listed behind the ntpd.exe path in the properties page.

If the -M option is there and time steps still happen then the time steps
don't seem to be related to the MM timer stuff. There must be another
reason, maybe a bad driver, another piece of software which modifies the
system time, etc.

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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