[ntp:questions] - my time server cannot sync

Oláh Áron o.arong at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 08:52:24 UTC 2006



I am using NTP on a Red Hat 7.3 system (HP DL 380 hardware). I would like to
sync to a free Internet time server (time.kfki.hu). When I check the time
server (ntpdate –d servername) everything is fine (example: stratum 2,
offset 0,003564 etc), and if I sync to this server (ntpdate servername) then
the sync is okay. But, if I run ntpq program, with –p switch, then the
remote time server stratum field is 16.

After the ntpdate command is successful, I restart the ntpd daemon on local
machine, the daemon is polling the remote time server, but cannot sync, and
the offset is growing.


I checked the firewall settings, the udp 123 port allow inbound-outbound
communications, and I see this communications in a log –file.


Sorry for my English!


Áron Oláh


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