[ntp:questions] SPECTRACOM (GPS) - no server suitable for synchronization found

David Woolley david at djwhome.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 18 21:09:41 UTC 2006

In article <b20088140609181058s38df4becxfa61a2e18a0c2892 at mail.gmail.com>,
mlonisto at gmail.com (Marcos Onisto) wrote:

> bash-2.05# /usr/local/bin/ntpdate -q localhost

I wouldn't use ntpdate on the same machine, but if I did, I would use -d
as it gives more information and is documnented as not using port 123 as

> NTP:  Precision = 237 seconds

This value is not possible.  Precision is always a power of two and
generally a relatively large negative power.  I suspect you have
a broken protocol analyzer.

> NTP:  Synchronizing dispersion = 0x001d.96fb  (29.589767)

Estimated error.  The drop dead value is about 1.0 (and that is 
after adding root distance).

> NTP:  Reference clock = (br-nsps18)
> NTP:  Reference time = 0xc89c381e.6ec83ec8 (Sun Aug 27 12:26:22 2006)

Time hasn't been updated since August 27th.

> NTP:  Mode    = 1 (symmetric active)

Why are you using this mode?  Is this a w32time, which is known to have
this bug.

> Where i took this time "Feb 7 2036 OR Aug 26 2006"?

This is the value you get when the binary value of the time is all
zeroes, i.e. it means the time has never been set on the machine that
is sending this value.

> Maybe my GPS's time it's wrong?

You are claiming to use WWVB, not GPS, and it is not returning times at all.

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