[ntp:questions] Re: "Listen on" semantics

Maarten Wiltink maarten at kittensandcats.net
Wed Sep 20 12:51:19 UTC 2006

"Luc Pardon" <xntp at skopos.be> wrote in message
news:45110BAE.8040106 at skopos.be...
>     What I want is not so much two copies of ntpd as a separation
> between client and server functionality.
>     The client should keep my clock on track. The server should
> tell all my other systems what time it is.

Forget mentioning OpenNTP, folks here will crucify you for that alone.
Which is exactly why I want to express my moral support (from a safe
distance). This would be a TREMENDOUSLY good idea.

It's also not going to happen. NTP is never finished, it seems. Never
any time for redesigns like this.

Maarten Wiltink

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