[ntp:questions] Re: Spectrcom TPRO-PCI

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Sep 23 17:20:49 UTC 2006


Darn, I thought the KSI/Odetics cards were toast, as the last one I had 
ran only on a Sun SBus system in SunOS 4.3. Keep in mind those cards are 
similar to others made by Bancomm and TrueTime and lately by 
Symmetricom. It would be nice to fold these characters into a common driver.


Tim Keck wrote:

> I have received, at work, 12 Spectrcom TPRO-PCI cards.  These are the 
> evolutionary successors to the KSI/Odetics TPRO card.  I also have the 
> Linux driver for the 2.6 kernel for these cards.
> Has anyone had any experience using this card as a reference clock?
> If not, I will attempt to modify refclock_tpro to use this card and driver.
> Tim Keck

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