[ntp:questions] Re: "Listen on" semantics

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Sep 24 03:40:08 UTC 2006

Luc Pardon wrote:
> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>> And I thought syslog() was pretty good about "Last
>> message repeated N times".
>    In addition to my last post (which I forgot to sign, sorry), it may
> be worth recalling that ntp 4.2.0 (and maybe later) had a bug that make
> it log bogus IP's:
>> Sep  3 04:07:36 gida ntpd[4796]: recvfrom( fd=9:
> Connection refused
>> Sep  3 04:08:40 gida ntpd[4796]: recvfrom( fd=9:
> Connection refused

There is something fundamentally wrong with these messages since
recvfrom is receiving messages and "connection refused" means it's not
listening on the address/port. I'd like to know how these errors got
generated since it makes no sense to me.

Are you using static IP addresses or are you using DHCP to assign your
server's address?


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