[ntp:questions] Re: tinker step 0 (always slew) and kernel time discipline

Joseph Harvell jharvell at dogpad.net
Thu Sep 28 02:09:46 UTC 2006

Sorry.  The details of the original problem (along with the ntp.conf 
files of sysmgr0 and sysmgr1) are in a previous thread.  The subject of 
that thread is  "2NTP Servers with diverging clocks and how to avoid 
stepping backwards in time (repost)"

There is a link to the ntp.conf, peerstats, loopstats, etc. for sysmgr0 
and sysmgr1.

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Joe,
> I went thru the entire thread and I did not see an ntp.conf file that shows
> where the "prefer" keyword you mention below is used.
> I also notice your posted ntp.conf files do not use the iburst option, and
> that can be of great help at initial startup.
> H
> --
>>>> In article <efed1j$8ee$1 at zcars129.ca.nortel.com>, Joe Harvell <harvell at nortel.com> writes:
> Joe> I don't understand why sysmgr0 or sysmgr1 would ever look at the time
> Joe> from since it should have shown it was unsynced.  I suspect
> Joe> it has to do with the "prefer" keyword.  Should I file a bug report?

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