[ntp:questions] Re: tinker step 0 (always slew) and kernel time discipline

Joseph Harvell jharvell at dogpad.net
Fri Sep 29 04:34:21 UTC 2006


Yes, that is what I think is happening.

I will see if I can reproduce the problem so I can get ntpq -p output. 
I think the stats field from the peerstats files (already captured and 
available at the linke) should have all that information, though.

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Joe,
> I found the link.
> I assume you have seen the prefer.html man page.
> From what I can see, the 'prefer' keyword should not let you sync to an
> unsync'd peer.
> If you think that is happening, could you please also include the output of
> ntpq -p on the affected client machine?
> H

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