[ntp:questions] Using a Symmetricomm 1100 as a reference clock?

Scott Baker bakers at web-ster.com
Fri Sep 29 22:28:53 UTC 2006

We currently have a Symmetricom TimeProvider 1100 providing timing
to our Class 5 Siemens Voice Switch. It's highly accurate and and
I'm wondering if I couldn't use that also as a clock source for my
ntp server.

I called Symmetricom and they want to sell me an "upgrade" to allow
me to do NTP out of the box. That just seems silly to me. It does
have LOTS of ports out the back that I'm thinking I could wire to
some DB9 connector and plugin to our NTP server?

Checking the reference clock drivers section I don't see mention of
this box. Does that mean I'm out of luck? Seems crazy that my
multi-thousand dollar "time source" can't provide clocking to my IP


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