[ntp:questions] ntp and date command

Richard B. gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 4 23:23:40 UTC 2007

Christine Ross wrote:
> I am setting up a solaris 8 server as an v3 ntp client (using public ntp servers).  I can change the date and time and then start xntpd daemon with the start script and the time sets to the correct time.
>   When I issue the "date" command, setting the clock back 10 minutes, the time doesn't seem to get set.  
>   I do not use the ntpdate command, although the start script issues it one time first.  
>   Why doesn't the time reset after the date command is issued.
>   Thank you

It's a little less than clear what you hoped to accomplish by this and 
not even clear what you actually accomplished.  I'll assume that you 
succeeded in setting your clock by by ten minutes and that you are 
wondering why ntpd (not xntpd for many years now BTW, the version that 
ships with Solaris seems to be about ten or twelve years behind the 
times) did not immediately correct your clock.

Ntpd will not "jump" your clock!  After you miss-set your clock by 600 
seconds, ntpd will attempt to correct your clock at its maximum slew 
rate of 500 Parts Per Million or 1/2 millisecond per second. 
Calculating how long the correction will take is left as an exercise for 
the student.  If you had made a change of a little over seventeen 
minutes ntpd would have taken a "panic exit" and not corrected your 
clock at all.

BTW, it is customary to use your return key when you type your message 
rather than enter a whole paragraph as a single line which is how  your 
message came through.  Seventy-two characters is a good line length that 
can be read easily on most displays.

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