[ntp:questions] ntp and date command

Darren Dunham ddunham at redwood.taos.com
Wed Apr 4 23:28:09 UTC 2007

Christine Ross <csgonan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am setting up a solaris 8 server as an v3 ntp client (using public ntp servers).  I can change the date and time and then start xntpd daemon with the start script and the time sets to the correct time.
>   When I issue the "date" command, setting the clock back 10 minutes, the time doesn't seem to get set.  

You're saying the 'date' command doesn't work or that xntpd isn't
resetting it back correctly?

If the first, that's odd.
If the second, then you need to wait longer.  The clock isn't supposed
to jump suddenly, so the ntp daemon isn't designed to correct such

>   I do not use the ntpdate command, although the start script issues it one time first.  
>   Why doesn't the time reset after the date command is issued.

How about when you run ntpdate by hand?  Does that work?  Any output?
How about when you run it in debug mode?

>   Thank you
>   These are the messages when I execute the startup scripts
>   [ID 558275 daemon.notice] adjust time server offset
>   0.016220 sec

This says that the clock was basically correct when ntpdate was run.
Are you sure the clock is off?

What does 'ntpq -p' report?

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