[ntp:questions] Consider the Undisciplined Local Clock synchronized at start-up

Spoon devnull at localhost.com
Thu Apr 5 14:38:13 UTC 2007

Serge Bets wrote:

> Spoon wrote:
>> I've configured one box to serve its local clock to another box.
>> (I want them to drift together.)
> First of all: Do you really want one master server and a slave client,
> or don't you care which is master? In the later case, you could drop
> LOCAL(1) and use the orphan mode between 2 peers. Below I'll assume the
> former case.

In this two-system setting, what is the advantage of orphan mode over 
the master-slave configuration?

>> Is it possible to tell the server to consider his clock synchronized
>> as soon as the daemon starts?
> There are two ways:
> (1) Apply the iburst for refclocks patch, and use this keyword on your
> server's "server iburst" line. Ntpd will then sync on the
> local clock in only 5 seconds.

Do you have a link to the patch?

> (2) Add a "tos orphan 14" line to your server. It will then be able
> to serve half-good time at stratum 14 right at startup, and 3 minutes
> later once synced on LOCAL(1) it will start serving stratum 12 time.
> However this initially "half-good" time has a big drawback: A null
> reference time. Some clients may dislike this (ntpdate rejects this).

Thanks for that suggestion.

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