[ntp:questions] Getting NTP to correct only the clock skew

Spoon root at localhost.invalid
Thu Apr 5 20:04:16 UTC 2007

Harlan Stenn wrote:

> Are you using iburst?


> Do you have good values in your ntp.drift files?


cf. thread titled "Clock skew changes drastically between reboots"

On the systems I have to work with, ntpd finds a different frequency 
offset every time. There is no "good" value for the frequency offset.

I have to remove the drift file, and let ntpd spend 15 minutes (?) in 
state 3 to compute the correct frequency offset, then 15-60 minutes to 
fix the time offset.

> The other approach may be to get a good PPS signal distributed
> to all your machines.

I'm trying to get my boss to test a GPS-based solution. The problem is 
that the systems will be running in underground server rooms, and some 
clients don't like having to run a cable to a GPS antenna.


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