[ntp:questions] Getting NTP to correct only the clock skew

Spoon devnull at localhost.com
Fri Apr 6 08:47:48 UTC 2007

Hal Murray wrote:

> [find the drift]
>> The problem with that solution is that the frequency offset of the 
>> system clock changes by a huge amount every time the system reboots.
> That's a bug/glitch in the kernel.

Several people on the LKML have blamed SMM.

> I'm chasing that one in a Linux 2.6 kernel on Intel CPUs.

I'm running on a 1267 MHz P3.

# /lib/libc.so.6
GNU C Library stable release version 2.3.4, by Roland McGrath et al.
Compiled by GNU CC version 3.4.3.
Compiled on a Linux 2.6.11 system on 2006-05-10.
Available extensions:
         GNU libio by Per Bothner
         crypt add-on version 2.1 by Michael Glad and others
         Native POSIX Threads Library by Ulrich Drepper et al
         NIS(YP)/NIS+ NSS modules 0.19 by Thorsten Kukuk
Thread-local storage support included.

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