[ntp:questions] Recalibration for MSF move

Richard B. gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 8 13:21:13 UTC 2007

Danny Mayer wrote:
> PeterW wrote:
>>The UK MSF time-standard transmitter moved from near Rugby in Warwickshire 
>>to Anthorn in Cumbria at the beginning of April. For those with MSF 
>>reference clocks, this will make a difference of at worst case +/- 1msec 
>>depending on how distance from the transmitter changes.
>>I assume (hope) that most Stratum 1 clocks have been adjusted, but some may 
>>no have been, so check an MSF-based clock against GPS or DCF77a before 
>>relying on it.
> Peter,
> Do you have any reason to think that it is less reliable or accurate
> than the old site?
> Danny

I think he means that the propagation delays have changed because of the 
  move and that there may be problems with servers that have not made 
the necessary adjustments.  I'm inclined to suspect that he's right and 
that many servers have failed to note the change and make the necessary 

OTOH, I can think of MAYBE ONE server that I can rely on for time 
accurate to within a millisecond.  They all may have time accurate to 
the microsecond but the problem is getting delivery over the network.

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