[ntp:questions] Strange behaviour

Burkhard Schultheis schultheis at tde-online.de
Wed Apr 11 10:22:41 UTC 2007

At a customer there are two Linux servers which should get the time from
another time server.

I've configured the ntp client with yast. Today I saw, that one of the
servers had correct time, whereas the other was about 3 seconds apart. I
called then nptdate <server>, but the time was only corrected by a
fraction of a second. I called ntpdate at the other server: A very small
correction. Then 7 minutes later: A call of ntpdate at the second server
makes a correction of 2.7 s to the correct time! How can it be?

But that's not all: Several calls of ntpdate at the first server made
several corrections in the same direction (most about -0.15 s), so that
the difference between the servers became 3 seconds again. Later a call
to ntpdate corrected the time perfectly (about +3 seconds).

What's wrong here? Ping times to the time servers are about 1.5 ms.

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