[ntp:questions] ntp implementation

Александр Викторович caysee at mail.ru
Mon Apr 9 09:03:27 UTC 2007

Hellow.I want to synchronize my ntp server with my local sytem clock.But when i start my ntp server and use ntpstat command for monitoring i see next:
 [root at avk ~]# ntpstat
   time server re-starting
    polling server every 16 s
 And passed about 5 minutes before other computers can give time from that server
 ntpdate -b <my_server_ip>
 But i need to syncronize time as soon as possible.
 My ntp.conf:
 server     # local clock
 fudge minpoll 8  maxpoll 16 stratum 8
 How can i speed up synchronisation of my server?
 Sorry for my English,it is not my native language. 

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