[ntp:questions] Autokey Helper Script(s) - public beta test

Heiko Gerstung heiko.removethistext.gerstung at meinberg.de
Fri Apr 13 08:05:08 UTC 2007


I created a helper script which allows me to setup autokey on the server
and on my clients without having to remember all the details and
commandline options.

I put the name "ak_tools" to it and currently this tiny little project
contains one script called ak_tool and a few symbolic links which point
to ak_tool (which behaves different, depending on via which symbolic
link/name it was called). The script can find out your crypto pw and
keysdir automagically by looking at your ntp.conf file.

This is a pre-beta version which worked for me (tm) but YMMV. I would
like to receive your comments, feature requests and bug reports as well
as "yes, it works on [insert your platform/OS here]" messages, of course.

I tested this on Linux, but I tried to used standard Unix commands as
much as possible and therefore it might work on other *nix style systems
as well.

You can download it here:

Oh yes, and it currently only supports the IFF scheme.

Best Regards,

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