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OK, I want to say that Server A, Server B are internal servers and i'm 
going to use two machine for this reason:

If Server A is not reachable, it's possible to reach server B, it's a 
backup question !
What do you think ?

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On 2007-04-13, RICCARDO <castellani.riccardo at tiscali.it> wrote:

> I want to use ntpd -qg, it could be right this ntp.conf for my Linux
> client ?

> restrict default ignore
> restrict
> restrict server A
> restrict server B

You could simplify this greatly by replacing all of those restrict 
with this:

restrict default nomodify nopeer notrap noquery

Please see http://ntp.isc.org/Support/AccessRestrictions

> server A
> server B

When you only have two clocks there is no way of knowing which is
correct. Either use 1 or 3 or more.

> driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift
> broadcastdelay  0.008
> Can i delete "broadcastdelay"

You don't need the broadcast delay unless your ntpd is a broadcast
client AND it is unable to calculate the broadcast delay during the
unicast initialization phase of the broadcast association.

> and restrict ?


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