[ntp:questions] Influence of temperature on PC oscillators

John Allen allen{at}vo{dot}lu at ntp.isc.org
Sun Apr 15 11:01:20 UTC 2007

Hal Murray wrote:
> I don't agree with the suggestion to disable the spread spectrum
> stuff.  It's there for a reason.  Effectively, your CPU will run
> slightly slower.  I haven't seen anything published to indicate
> that the speed is sufficiently less stable so that ntpd will notice.
> It will be different than the nominal value, but that's not a problem.

I did some very crude experiments which are reported on the NTP wiki:

On a Windows XP system, the front-side bus spread spectrum option had no evident effect, 
unlike the choice of HAL (hardware abstraction layer) which was critical (on an nForce2 



John Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg

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