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Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.isc.org
Mon Apr 16 11:33:38 UTC 2007

On 2007-04-16, castellani.riccardo at tiscali.it wrote:

>Steve Kostecke said:
>>>Ricardo Castellani said:
>>> IPv4: restrict x.y.z.w [nomodify notrap nopeer noquery]
>>> If added "nomodify" option(as I told you in previous message) I
>>> think it would not be permitted to ntpd to use time information
>>> (sent from specified "x.y.z.w" server) to set local clock.
>> No, 'nomodify' has nothing to do with time service.
> Steve thanks for your full explanation. So, if I have in my client's
> ntp.conf:
> restrict default nomodify notrap nopeer noquery
> server A
> server B
> I'm able to accept time from both server A and server B ? it's OK ?

Yes. None of those access control options will prevent time service.
All of these options are documented at

If you will be running ntpd as a daemon you should append 'iburst' to
each of your server lines. This will speed up your initial sync from
~5 minutes to ~20 seconds. Please remember that 'iburst' has no effect
'ntpd -gq'.

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