[ntp:questions] Local clock question with dialup connection

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Wed Apr 18 19:45:09 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 03:06, Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Nigel,
> When you see 2 ntpd processes like that it means ntpd is still doing DNS
> resolution.
> H

Ok I've given up on the ntp- version on FC2, removed it , and built 
from the tarball version 4.2.4p0. This version works ok on FC6 on the same 
machine, and booting up with no Internet connection doesn't seem to be a 

No problems with ./configure, make, and make install with 4.2.4p0 on FC2, and 
it's installed in /usr/local. I created a new file for ntp.conf in /etc, and 
borrowed the servers, driftfile, and local clock stuff from 
FC6's /etc/ntp.conf file. /var/lib/ntp directory is still there, as when I 
removed the earlier version of ntp the driftfile was saved as an rpmsave.

Now I'm stuck, as I can't find out how to start the daemon. The install hasn't 
put anything into /etc/init.d, so that the ntp daemon can be started at 
bootup. There should be a shellscript, but I'm darned if I can find it.

Some help would really be appreciated.

The only files that I can find are in /usr/local/bin, and are. 
ntpd,ntpdate,ntpdc,ntp-keygen,ntpq,ntptime, and a couple of perl 
programs,ntptrace, and ntp-wait.



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