[ntp:questions] How to measure the synchronization quality?

YC_Chien at mtk.com.tw YC_Chien at mtk.com.tw
Tue Apr 24 10:15:19 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,

I've installed the ntp software on two computers running Windows XP.
And I want to know how accurate the two computers are synchronized.

The way came to my mind is to connect each computer to a GPS receiver via 
RS232 respectively.
Then see if the system time correspondes to the GPS time.
Or at least they should have the same bias.
However, the fact is neither the computers have the same time with GPS,
nor they have the same bias.
The difference between system time and GPS time is even not constant.

So, I wonder how the ntp working group estimates the synchronization 
I can't find any description in ntp4 documents.
Does anyone know about that?
Or anyone can quide me another method to measure the synchronization 
quality between two computers?


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