[ntp:questions] ACTS / PTB modem refclock

Heiko Gerstung heiko.removethistext.gerstung at meinberg.de
Wed Apr 25 08:50:25 UTC 2007

Heiko Gerstung schrieb:
> Hi!
> I am currently trying to setup a box which uses the ACTS refclock driver 
> to use the PTB modem service as a time source.
> Unfortunately the documentation regarding this driver is not that 
> detailed and I am therefore looking out for any working example 
> configurations of such a driver.
> Every time I restart ntpd, it tries to dial out but fails and says "no 
> answer", but when I use cu with the very same phone number, it works 
> flawlessy.
> Any hints?
> Regards,
> Heiko

Works now, after a while I figured out that it is mandatory to switch 
echo off (E0 in init string). I left the init string as it is in the 
original code and simply removed B1 due to my non-US dialtone.

Now I can check the performance ...

Thanks to all of you who helped out!

Best Regards,

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