[ntp:questions] Poll interval vs. reachability register

Dennis Hilberg Jr dont at spam.me
Fri Apr 27 19:25:03 UTC 2007


I have a simple question.  If the reachability of a server from a client 
drops to zero, will the client's poll interval be increased until 
reachability is reestablished?  I'm curious, as my ntp_clients_stats script 
picked up a certain client as abusive.  I emailed the admin and he said that 
my server had a zero reachability, but he thought that ntpd would reduce the 
polling interval in such a situation.  I'm just trying to determine why the 
ntp_clients_stats script would pick up that client as abusive if the client 
cannot even reach my server, outside of a bug or error of some kind.

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