[ntp:questions] Basic Question - how to verify whether a new NTP server is ready to serve time?

Uwe Klein uwe_klein_habertwedt at t-online.de
Sat Feb 3 14:02:44 UTC 2007

David J Taylor wrote:
> Uwe Klein wrote:
> []
>>This happened by way of LSB (http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/LSB)
>>Linux Standard Base requirements which mandated a package of name
>>"*xntp*" is installed in contrast to older software by name of
>>To be LSB compliant SuSE and others renamed the _current_ ntpd
>>package, associated scripts and stuff "*xntp*".
>>SuSE 9.1 xntp-4.2.0a-23
>>SuSE 9.3 xntp-4.2.0a-35
>>SuSE 10.0 xntp-4.2.0a-46
>>SuSE 10.1 xntp-4.2.0a-68
>>SuSE 10.2 xntp-4.2.2p4-6
>>actually these are all versions of the current ntp-4* package.
> I /knew/ there had to be a valid reason for hating Linux!
Then I've done my BoyScout Good Deed for the day,
	leaning back,
		taking a cupa...
> David 

apropos: is there I a history of the ntp -> xntp -> ntp  dev-path somewhere?

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