[ntp:questions] nptq -p slowness

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon Feb 5 04:00:04 UTC 2007

David Woolley wrote:
>> names. A refid has no meaning outside its value.
> That's empirically clearly not the case.  It might not have a guaranteed
> meaning, but it certainly has a useful one, e.g. in terms of helping
> people here to diagnose problems after only telling people to run ntpq peers.

Then you are in a great deal of trouble trying to analyze problems since
this is emphatically not the case. With computers, especially servers
sporting 2-3 NIC's each refid is going to be different for each NIC and
that's just assuming you are running IPv4. With IPv6 all bets are off
anyway. If you want to diagnose problems use ntptrace. Futhermore we may
be changing the way that refids get created so you will have no clue in
the future what they mean. If you want the source of the server's
information you should make that a request but I don't think it's
possible to implement in ntpq, which is why ntptrace is so useful.


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